Monday, 1 March 2010

Audience Analysis

Who are the target audience for short films?
Short films are not perceived to be appealing to the mainstream, therefore the audience are often niche and away from the mainstream public. Short films are often created as a way to showcase a directors work, skills and values and the audience can be prospective institution seeking new talent through up and coming directors short films. The short films audience can also be award councils who see the competition side of short films in order to recognize directors away from the mainstream, feature length filmmakers. One other audience is the student and education sector who look at short films as a source of ideas an inspiration for their own work, many universities have the creation and analyzation of short films as part of their study area. Individuals within the media audiences appreciate the work of independent filmmakers through their short films more because they have a greater understanding of the work that goes into the films and understand the messages and values of short films more than a mainstream audience would.

Who are the target audience for the samples you looked at?
The films that i watched and analyzed were found on the internet platform which suggests that their audience isn't mainstream and is specific to those with an interest in short films in general. Their audiences were similar to mine, many of them had contact details for potential interested institutions and some had details of awards that their films had won which suggests they have been made with the award market in mind

Who is the target audience for my film?
The target audience for my film would be individuals within the media and arts industries, the abstract side of my film would be hard to understand for a mainstream audience so audiences who are creatively minded would be more suitable viewers. The mainstream audience doesn't suit short films in general so my film would not suit the television or cinema environment. The film is a useful tool for showcasing my values and skills so media institutions would be an audience that I could exploit using my work. In terms of psychographics and demographics my audience would consist of Actualizers due to their leadership and risk taking qualities, and experiencers who are more impulsive and would be more open to new concepts and abstract ideas.

How will you measure the success of your products appeal to your target audience?

I would use the video site www.vimeo,com to gain a response as to the success of my film, vimeo is like youtube but its market are filmmakers, directors etc so the responses would be from within my chosen media industry audience, I will upload the video then put a request in the vimeo forum for people to watch the film and give me feedback about the films production values, the storyline and their understanding of the film. I will hopefully get a range of responses from people who have a passion for film and their feedback would be valuable due to their experience in film making.

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