Friday, 7 May 2010

Final Grade: 94/100 (A)

Excellent work Tom.

Grading for Advanced Portfolio



You have demonstrated excellence in your creative use of the required technical skills. Your shots are steady, carefully framed and appropriate to the set task. You have used appropriate and varied shot transitions and your use of sound adds to the message of the film.

I originally felt meaning would be more apparent to the viewer with the inclusion of another scene. We discussed this and I now understand your reasons for not adding the scene and am happy for it to remain as is.



You have demonstrated excellence in the creative use of PhotoShop and InDesign to create 2 very convincing product which promote your film and the branding is evident throughout. You have shown an excellent knowledge of the conventions of page layout and poster design, the need for a variety of font sizes and the integration of language and text. Your language and mode of address are accurate and the article is interseting to read. You have carefully chosen your shots and you have demonstrated advances skills in manipulation of both text and photographs.

Poster: 10/10
Article 10/10


Thorough research and planning throughout with excellent time management.
There is excellent research into similar products
Time management is excellent
Excellent level of care in the presentation of research and planning
There is excellent use of ICT in the presentation of your planning


TOTAL SO FAR: 76/100

Evaluation Feedback: 18/20

The commentary really is an excellent response to questions 1 & 2.
Your Scribd documents are also an excellent response to 3 & 4. I think had the full response been on the commentary it would be worthy of full marks but it is still an excellent overall 18. Well done!