Thursday, 16 July 2009

Newspaper Evaluation

One of the things I learnt throughout the production process was how to use Adobe In Design. I had no previous experience with this program so had to grasp the basics of text, images and boxes in order to create my newspaper. I found it fairly easy to use after a few attempts and now feel more confident when using InDesign.

I also gained a greater understanding of newspaper conventions and layouts through prior research. I studied the impact of font style, images and a punchy headline. I also learnt that one of the most important parts of a newspaper front page is the newspaper masthead, this can make or break a newspaper and if done successfully it can really boost the overall look and professional image of the paper.

One final thing I learnt was the importance of the overall layout of the paper, I found that keeping a front page minimal yet eye catching was really effective and that by arranging images and text in a orderly and well spaced way I can make the most use of the page whilst making the paper stand out.

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